Foodilink - The 1st Social food journal : a social network that connects foodies worldwide Foodilink offers a way for users to remember, organize and explore food moments with friends through pictures past,present and wished. They envision a world connected through food moments.

Social features are embedded: Users can add their friends, see their entries, and like, share, or comment on these entries :

1/ Each user not only has access to his own "foodie Diary" he can enrich and organize to reflect his culinary explorations, projects or gastronomic experiences (recipes, restaurants, photos and videos) but also he can enjoy the "foodie diaries" from food lovers round the world, gastronomic bloggers / journalists, TV programs, opinion leaders, kitchen celebrities, brands, businesses..

2/ Users can subscribe to any "foodie Diary", show appreciation, share with their friends and family, leave comments and or start a private messaging conversation to engage and share more about their passion.

3/ Users can add content to their foodie diary in 2 simple ways: Post their original recipes, restaurant reviews and photos of memorable meals directly into foodie link (with the built-in editor). They can also share them on other social networks and blogs of their choice. Use the bookmark plug-in in their web browser to instantly capture their culinary discoveries and save them in their "Foodie Diary".

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